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Dealing with Jerks!

3-DInsertAndDisk-JerksWhat would your life be like if you didn’t have to deal with difficult people? Learn the art of dealing with difficult people eliminating the stress, frustration and anxiety you may feel.

Commit to Your Goals!

3-D_CommitToYourGoalsCaseAndCDStop beating yourself up for not achieving your goals and learn how to set the right goals for the right reasons! Learn the five most important things to consider when setting a goal. 

Maximize your Strengths!

3-DMaximizeYourStrengthsFINALCaseInsertAndCDLabel In this fun, fast-paced and dynamic program Kirk will walk you through the formula to discover your natural gifts, strengths and talents.

Let it Go!

3-D-LetItGoFINALCaseInsertAndCDLabelIn this dynamic audio program Kirk Wilkinson will help you let go of what you can’t control with a powerful three-step formula for any situation. Learn how to determine how much control you have in any situation!


3-DIAmStrongCaseAndCDBased on Kirk Wilkinson’s bestselling book I AM STRONG: The Formula to Build your Self-Worth and Discover your True Purpose from the Inside Out! you will learn the powerful formula to increase your confidence, self-esteem and how to better handle life’s challenges.

Lose your Baggage!

3-DLoseYourBaggageFINALCaseInsertAndCDLabelAre you carrying around baggage from your past that brings you pain each time you think of it? Did things happen to you in the past that you would love to forget but just can’t get it out of your mind? Are you a victim of your past? You don’t need to suffer any longer.

Authentic Forgiving

AuthenticForgiving3-DCaseAndCD_StandingForgiving others for their wrong and forgiving ourselves for what we have done wrong and the mistakes we have made can be difficult and painful. The pain will continue until you Authentically Forgive yourself and others. Time does not heal all wounds it only changes in intensity. In this program you will learn a powerful process to Authentically Forgive.

Self Validation

3-DArtOfSelfValidationFINALCaseInsertAndCDLabelWe all need to be recognized and validated. If we depend on others or outside sources such as our spouse, our children, our friends or our accomplishments to be validated we can be disappointed or become resentful. Your best and most reliable source of validation comes from within.

Discover your Purpose!

3-DDiscoverYourPurposeFINALCaseInsertAndCDLabelDo you struggle to find meaning in what you do? You have purpose! You have meaning! In this powerful and dynamic workshop Kirk will help you discover your true purpose from the inside out. With powerful examples and transformational exercises you will discover meaning and purpose and be able to live it!

Create Quality Time!

3-DMakeNowTimeQualityTimeFINALCaseInsertAndCDLabelMaking ‘now’ time quality time is not about creating more time but increasing the quality of the time you have by setting boundaries, reducing distractions and making the most of the time you have with those who matter most. In order to make ‘now’ time quality time you will need to learn how to be present in ‘now’ time. Or , in other words,learn to live in ‘real’ time. In this program Kirk will introduce you to 10 powerful ways to be present in ‘now’ time.

Overcome your Fears!

3-DIAmOKFINALCaseInsertAndCDLabelAre you fears getting the best of you? Does your fear of rejection or fear of failure keep you from trying new things? Are you afraid of success and continually sabotage your own achievements? Are you afraid of the decisions other people make that impact your life? Even if you are afraid of heights, flying, or spiders you don’t have to live with those fears any longer. In this program you will learn the I AM OK! formula to manage and overcome your fears.

What are you Thinking?

3-DWhatAreYouThinkingFINALCaseInsertAndCDLabelDo you worry about what you should have done, could have done, or need to do? Do you constantly put yourself down thinking you could be better – a better mom, a better dad, a better friend, child or spouse? Do you think you don’t measure up and constantly compare yourself to others? Stop thinking that way! Stop putting yourself down and talking negatively to yourself. In this program you will learn four barriers to positive thinking and the seven most common negative thinking habits and learn how to break those habits with new ways to think positive.

Who are You?

3-DWhoAreYouFINALCaseInsertAndCDLabelHave you ever asked yourself “Who am I?” “Why am I me?” Or, “Why can’t I be so-and-so?” Imagine feeling completely safe – physically and emotionally. Imagine a moment when no one is judging you, when no one is expecting anything from you and you feel complete love from others and that you feel, without reservations or fear, that you could be your true self. That is what you will learn in this program as Kirk introduces you to ‘identity theft’ – how easy it is to lose your true self – and how to discover it once again using a powerful 10 step program.

Bad Things Happen!

3_DWhyBadThingsHappenFINALCaseInsertAndCDLabelThere are bad things happening all around us and many times these bad things – car accidents, death, disease, crime and misfortune – happen to good people. When these things happen we want to ask, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” In this program Kirk will help you answer that question and help you cope with the terrible things that can happen to good people.


3-DIntentionFINALCaseInsertAndCDLabelWhat are you struggling with? Have you wanted to accomplish something or achieve something and you keep falling short? Do you feel like you are meant for something greater and more important? Intention is both and art and a power that has the energy to create success, achievement and add to your sense of accomplishment and happiness. Our thoughts have power and energy – The Art and Power of Intention will help you you learn how to harness that power to create the life you seek, to help you accomplish your highest and most worthy goals. In this program you will learn the Mental Law of the Harvest and 10 powerful ways to learn the art and capture the power of intention.

De-Clutter your Life!

3-DDe-ClutterYourLifeFINALCaseInsertAndCDLabelWhat would your life be like if you didn’t have to deal with difficult people? Whether at work dealing with colleagues, supervisors or customers or at home dealing with tough situations regarding money, children or bad habits, our tendency is to try to avoid difficult people, conversations and situations. No matter how competent or experienced we are we all encounter people that create frustration, stress and anxiety.This dynamic and powerful audio program can help as you learn the art of dealing with difficult people eliminating the stress, frustration and anxiety you may feel.

Learn to Meditate

3-DMeditationFINALCaseInsertAndCDLabelWhether you are a beginner or already practice meditating this program will help you become more grounded and centered. In this program Kirk will introduce you to the 4 basic steps of meditation that will help you feel more peace, experience less chaos in your life and increase your spirituality, help you hear answers to prayer and engage in purposeful pondering. This program also includes a special guided meditation that will help you surrender your burdens, problems and issues and feel a great love for yourself and the people around you.

Be Strong!

3_DBeStrongFINALCaseInsertAndCDLabelIn this fast paced, dynamic and fun presentation recorded live at a Woman’s Health Expo you will learn the formula to re-discover your true worth, potential and purpose! You don’t need to suffer any longer. Learn how rise above being a victim and feeling insecure. Grow your self-worth from the inside out!

Cultivating Optimism

Cultivating-Optimism-CD-150x150In this dynamic and motivating one hour program you will learn how to be optimistic even in tough times. You will discover the power within in you to overcome tragedy and release yourself of emotional baggage you may be carrying around.

Experience Joy Everyday!

3-DCaseJoyEveryDay_wCDJoy is not circumstantial and if you are waiting for the right circumstances or the right situation to feel joy you could be waiting a long time. You don’t need to wait; you don’t need to have things be ‘just right’ in order to feel happy or to feel joy. Joy is always present, always available, always near but because we are so full of and attached to negativity we can’t experience it.In this program you will learn how to create joy rather than waiting for it to happen.

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