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New insights on 10 powerful skills that will dramatically increase your leadership effectiveness

A simple search on will reveal that there are more than 95,000 books on the subject of leadership and management. There is more information on how to be a good leader than ever before.Yet, where are all the good leaders?

Today’s best leaders are those that motivate and inspire people to follow them and to willingly donate their discretionary effort.

In his latest book Kirk helps you become a better leader with real world practical skills that will dramatically increase your leadership effectiveness. These skill have been prove over his more than 30 years as a manager and a leader and his thousands of  hours coaching managers and executives. 

This is the definitive ‘how-to’ book of leadership for anyone wanting to become a better leader.

Available in paperback and eBook formats.


You can be a better leader now!

The skills covered in this book have not only helped poor performing managers become top performers; they will also help any executive or manager become a better leader. This book will also help you as a manager or leader to assist those who aspire to become a manager or leader. With the guidance you obtain in this book, you will be able to help others become better leaders than they would become otherwise. These skills and concepts in this book have all been tried and tested in the field with surprising results. Here are the skills covered:

  • The Trust Advantage
  • The Optimist’s Advantage
  • It’s All About the WHO
  • The Art of Appreciation
  • Context, Context, Context
  • The Art of Disclaimers
  • Authentic Curiosity
  • Confident Humility
  • Discipline and Deferred Gratification
  • The Art of Macro-Management
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Become a Better Leader NOW!

The TRUST Advantage:

The Optimist’s Advantage:

Discover your WhY!

Kirk can customize a program for you!

Executive, Managment and Individual Coaching

With an exclusive approach and methodology honed over 25 years of coaching,  Kirk is able to uncover gifts, talents and strengths that become a foundation for exceptional leadership. Studies show that focusing on your strengths leaders are up to six times more successful. Within weeks your organization will experience a sustainable leadership transformation.

Kirk has lead our Leadership Development program for the past 3 years with amazing results!

Gail Campagna

Area HR Director - Destination Hotels
Kirk knows leadership and is able to help others become exceptional leaders! He is truly gifted at what he does!

Daniel Brooks

Regional Training Manager - Sanofi Pharmaceuticals
To say Kirk is an exceptional coach is an understatement. I have learned more about leadership and being a manager than I could from any class or workshop.

Talia Brott

Sales and Operations Manager - Silanis

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