Executive, Management and Individual Coaching

Kirk is one of the foremost experts in helping executives, managers and individuals become exceptional leaders. Unlike other coaches who are best characterized as accountability or success coaches, Kirk is a behaviorist. Using a unique approach and proprietary formulas, Kirk is able to help you break free from what holds you back, identify your strengths and blind-spots and help create your own leadership style that will inspire, motivate and encourage others while improving the bottom line.

As a coach, Kirk has logged more than 6000 hours of coaching and 2000 hours in research interviews with executives and small business owners.

Kirk’s clients have experienced the following:

  • – Double-digit improvement in employee engagement scores
  • – 50% increase in quarterly sales
  • – 49% increase in retail sales month over month
  • – Higher profit
  • – Significantly reduced sales cycles
  • – Improved ability to deal with poor performers
  • – Better capability to deal with difficult situations
  • – Exceptional and motivating performance evaluations
  • – Better negotiation skills
  • – Increased innovation
  • – More trustworthy and greater trust within the organization
  • – Greater optimism and reduced negativity and conflict
  • – Higher self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence
  • – Better communication
  • – Improved influencing skills
  • – Better presentation skills
  • – Higher personal satisfaction, well-being and better personal relationships

Along with Kirk’s keen sense of intuition and exceptional listening skills Kirk uses these proprietary formulas and approach to achieve accelerated results

Identify your WhY! – Learn your motivators, unique gifts and talents

The T.R.U.S.T. Advantage – the formula to build and maintain a culture of trust

The T.R.I.P.L.E.S. formula to maximize your strengths

Create Personal V.A.L.U.E. as a differentiator

Dealing with JERKS! – Dealing with difficult people and conversations

Listening as a SKILL!

Kirk literally saved my career. He helped me see my blind spots and gave me real-world practical skills that when implemented made an amazing difference. I went from being a mediocre manager to being a exceptional manager. It changed my life and my team.

Derek Collins

Vice President, TXI
To say Kirk is an exceptional coach is an understatement. I have learned more about leadership and being a manager than I could from any class or workshop.

Talia Brott

Sales and Operations Manager, Silanis
Within a few short weeks Kirk helped me discover my gifts, talents and strengths and how to use them to create more success and satisfaction. He also helped me overcome personal issues that stood in my way of being successful. Kirk is a masterful coach!

Glorianna Wood

Spa and Wellness Director, Paradise Point Resort, San Diego

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