Dealing with Jerks!

The Art of Dealing with Difficult People

Quick Summary

Jerks can ruin our day, destroy teamwork, create conflict and contaminate the workplace. In fact, it’s well documented that more people quit their jobs or are terminated because they can’t get along with co-workers, than for incompetence.

In this highly requested workshop you will learn a three-step approach to deal with jerks and other difficult situations. 

If you want an a program that is entertaining, applicable both personally and professionally, and highly memorable, then “Dealing with Jerks!” is for you.

Presentation Outline

Drawing upon real-world experience and examples I will customize a program to fit your needs and format. Here are some examples of the skills covered:

The Triple-A approach to dealing with Jerks! In this program I address dealing with jerks and other difficult people and situations with a three step approach I call the Triple-A approach:

Adjust: All too often we deal with jerks by avoiding them. In this section I will give 10 effective ways to approach jerks and other difficult people that really work.

Approach: In this section I share a 6-step process to approach difficult people when adjust does not work. This 6-step process turns jerks into collaborators and partners instead of enemies.

Avoid: There are times when adjusting and even the best approach does not work. In this section I cover ways to avoid jerks and others but in a more productive way.

This session is dynamic, engaging and memorable. Attendees leave the program with real skills they can implement immediately and experience a dramatic increase in their ability to deal with jerks and other difficult people and practice it on a daily basis.

Topic Authority

  • √ I have been training teams on how to deal with difficult people for more than 25 years.
  • √ Dealing with Jerks! has been presented at more than 200 events at companies like Destination Hotels, IHG Hotels, Dignity Health, Option One Nutrition, SAP and Hewlett Packard
  • √ I am a world renowned expert in leadership and personal development
  • √ Bestselling author of three books.
  • √ I have delivered more than 4000 presentations to more than 43,000 individuals.
  • √ My work was praised by Stephen R. Covey as ‘edifying and inspiring” and covered in national newspaper and media.

Target Audience

Any organization or group that needs to learn better skills to deal with conflict, difficult people or difficult situations.

Possible Formats

This presentation can be delivered as a keynote-type presentation or 2-hour workshop depending on your needs. This program is often combined with other programs to create a full or half-day program.

Intended Outcomes

√ Increased confidence to deal with difficult people

√ A step-by-step approach to handle conflict

√ Reduced workplace contention and conflict

√ Better teamwork and collaboration

√ Increased communications skills

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