The Optimist’s Advantage!

Alternate title: Optimistic Leadership

Quick Summary

Optimists have an advantage: They are healthier, more successful, make more money, have better relationships and are better managers, leaders and employees. Optimists are more innovative, are better negotiators and close more deals.

Optimism is a skill that can be learned. In this program I share real-world powerful tools that your attendees can implement immediately and begin to feel the benefits of optimism even before the program is over. As a result of this skill, your organization can reduce costs, increase productivity, help people handle change better, and increase profits.

Optimism is also a leadership skill that will help motivate employees to go above and beyond, be more productive and happier.

If you want an inspirational, uplifting, dynamic, memorable and entertaining program then The Optimist’s Advantage is for you.

Presentation Outline

Drawing upon a vast set of skills to increase optimism and real-world examples I will customize a program to fit your needs and format. Here are some examples of the skills covered:

Practice Extreme Gratitude: Gratitude is a powerful enabler that empowers the individual, teams and organizations to want to do more and do it well.

Positive Storytelling: Learning how to modify the stories well tell to be positive and optimistic creates more optimism in the workplace and among teams.  

Under-react: This skill will help you eliminate drama from the workplace and from your life.  Learn why “freaking-out” kills positivity and learn how to under-react to urgent and difficult situations.

Dealing with Jerks!: Learn a simple three-step process that will diffuse any tough or difficult situation and learn how to deal with difficult people.  

The Power of Silence: Silence can be your friend and when used appropriately can help maintain positivity.   

Re-define failure to mean success: Mistakes are inevitable and learning how to redefine failure to find what is learned or what could be done differently can be motivating and encouraging.  

Everything happens for a reason: Learn how to turn misfortune in to fortune.

Don’t throw people under the bus: How to overcome the temptation to criticize, demean or gossip. Throwing people under the bus creates negativity that can be eliminated.   

Finding meaning in life experiences: How to look at what has happened to you in a positive light so that it brings power and confidence.

Manage expectations: Learn how to keep high expectations and not get disappointed when expectations are not met.

And much more…..                                                                       

This session is dynamic, engaging and memorable. Attendees leave the program with real skills they can implement immediately and experience a dramatic increase of positivity and the ability to create optimism and practice it on a daily basis.

Topic Authority

√ My bestselling book The Happiness Factor: How to be Happy no matter what! is published in more than 13 countries
√ The Optimists Advantage has been presented at more than 500 events at companies like Destination Hotels, IHG Hotels, Dignity Health, Option One Nutrition, SAP and Hewlett Packard
√ I am a world renowned expert in leadership and personal development
√ Bestselling author of three books
√ I have delivered more than 4000 presentations to more than 43,000 individuals.
√ My work was praised by Stephen R. Covey, author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People as ‘edifying and inspiring” and covered in national newspaper and media

Target Audience

Any organization or group that needs to increase positivity as individuals, a group or company.

Possible Formats

This presentation can be delivered as a keynote or 2-hour workshop, or half-day seminar depending on your needs. This program is often combined with other programs to create a full or half-day program.

Intended Outcomes

  • √ Increased positivity for individuals and organizations
  • √ Learn keys skills to help overcome life’s challenges
  • √ Increased customer satisfaction, higher profits, lower costs
  • √ Employees take fewer sick days and are more productive
  • √ Attendees will get more done with less effort
  • √ More innovation, less conflict, higher profits

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